It keeps popping up.

Obviously, since I have been reading Love is a Mixtape... combined with the fact that my observational tendencies mixed with a curiosity make for fine discoveries... i've noticed a song popping into my life repeatedly.

A lovely song beforehand, but now one that is drilling itself into my available head.

First, recently, I heard it on the show How I Met Your Mother. Ted is contemplating the idea of marrying some woman, but all that he can think about is Robyn. Cue a zoom in on her face with the music chanting "... i could never trade you for another girl... "

Cue number two: I'm looking up old photos of Summer Pheonix from SLC Punk and decide to plug in a youtube clip for my further satisfaction. Enter Stevo and Heroin Bob driving in their car... oh wait, what's on the radio?

I'm reading Love is a Mix Tape, and Renee died a little while ago, and Rob and I are still trying to move on from it. He mentions how some mix tapes are just ruined for him, no matter how great the song is. Then he goes about how it doesn't matter how great Roxy Music's "Mother of Pearl is", he can't go back to the time back when he was sixteen when he could still bear to hear it.