when i got back from europe (with chad), i had the opportunity to go to the hirshhorn museum with drew and his dad. Realisms was one part of the installation there, which had film, video and digital works, which played with the distinction between fiction and reality.

One of the highlights was one called Lonely Planet, which followed a distinctly stereotypical tourist (think bandana on the head and che guevera tee) through India, only to reveal that he is traveling through a movie set - which in itself is represented quite theatrically, with choreography and compositionally sound camera angles.

Another sweet one was a two-parter by Candice Breitz called Mother Father. The "mother" part was 5 television screens with visually isolated actresses (one per screen) in motherly roles. Playing simultaneously, the characters seemed to dialogue with each other, despite being from different movies, mostly. The statements proved to be of the typical mother-archetype variety, further pushing this persona in a farcical and repetitive way. The presentation was successful, and the "father" installation was similar in its strength and absorbing qualities.

Overall, the installations were intriguing and I wish that we had had more time to peruse them more thoroughly. Although I wouldn't trade having gone to a wonderful Indian buffet, which is always a highlight for me. It didn't hurt, either, that I was with a pretty boy who makes my heart go puh-thumpathump-thump.