Diggin Heels

I've been working like crazy at Monticello, but I thought I'd post about a few art shows I've participated in lately:

VABC - This year's Raucous Auction on 11-11-11 was such a blast! There were even more prints and guests than last year, and we turned out for some really great fund-raising for this really lovely print studio in town. I donated 5 prints that I made using the VABC's vandercook, and was really pleased that they fetched some good bids for the space.

Artwork by Patrick Costello, Kendall Cox,
Dean Dass (?), Rachel Livedalen, and me
International Arts Movement -  My friend Moe Lovett, arts administrator extraordinaire (and fine artist), helps run the New City Arts Initiative in town. She was asked to gather some Cville artists, and was kind enough to include me, for an exhibition in New York City with the International Arts Movement. Below you'll see a picture of all of our pieces together for the show in what Moe described as a Garage-esque gallery space. Wish I could have seen it, but this picture helps!

New City Arts Initiative - Moe's space had a benefit of their own, and Patrick and I both collaborated and made pieces on our own for a show called "Home", which included textiles, drawings, prints, and hand stitching.

Next up: The Bridge's Great Gifts Holiday Shop, with art, wares, and crafts from local artists.