Christmastime is here

This year I decided I wanted to make snow globes for Christmas. I wasn't sure how to go about it, so I checked the usual places (youtube, blogs, pinterest) and it turned out that it wasn't too difficult to accomplish - !

All you need is a jar, glitter, glycerin (I got mine at Harris Teeter), water, and epoxy glue. Then, for the inside scenery, you can put whatever you like. The result is similar to what I made these last few days!

Because they're homemade, a lot of the charm comes from the imperfections. For instance, the tree on my polar bear snow globe started to lean, so we figured out that it kind of looked like the polar bear was on a friendly rampage! To continue the apocalyptic theme, some of the trees started shedding and it looked like there was volcanic ash floating about (a tip: soak all of your snow globe objects for a night before putting them in the snow globe to assure crisp clear water)! Anyway, it's fun to experiment! Happy holidays!