Boxers 2014

Back in 2009, I made a series that included a "boxers" triptych, where the three famous boxing matches between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were summed up by their moments of clinching - which Google describes as "[to] grapple at close quarters, esp. (of boxers) so as to be too closely engaged for full-arm blows."

This, I feel, is the most interesting intersection in boxing, because it consists of opponents bringing each other into close proximity. By appearance, it looks like an affectionate gesture, like a hug; but it is a defensive move, a moment used to strategize and catch a breath. To get ready for the next uppercut!

In Ali's and Frazier's case, it was particularly interesting... because of how zealous their rivalry was! There was such a violence to their rivalry, an ingredient that juxtaposed the feminity of threadwork wonderfully, to me.

This winter, I had the chance to revisit the boxers, when my friend Calvin asked me if I would make one for our friend (and his wife), Maureen. How wonderful!

Although I feel as though I'd tied up the Ali/Frazier fights nicely (ha, that's a little thread work joke for you), I enjoyed the opportunity to think about the well-known match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. You know, the one where Tyson bit Holyfield's ear?

Anyway, here is my handiwork!