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Image by Kaki Dimock
It does seem to me, that herein we see the rare virtue of a strong individual vitality, and the rare virtue of thick walls, and the rare virtue of interior spaciousness. Oh, man! Admire and model thyself after the whale! Do thou, too, remain warm among ice. Do thou, too, live in this world without being of it. Be cool at the equator; keep thy blood fluid at the Pole. Like the great dome of St. Peter's, and like the great whale, retain, O man! in all seasons a temperature of thine own.

how to speak hip

Looks like someone is missing from this photo...
My brother got married! Hurrah! What a great time. Following a thoroughly lovely (and really not too long) mass/ceremony, we made our way back to the hotel for a really bumpin reception. The food was great, the company even better... lots of dancing and family. Margaret came from Rhode Island and I loved seeing her.  That girl is awesome. I was a bridesmaid so I got to get all gussied up, too. All in all a flawless memory. Now they're in Hawaii - how cool. Photo above by Chad and Kristin's good friend Greg.

Now I am back in Charlottesville and into the groove again. Working on a thread-on-canvas piece for someone, with people playing instruments. I decided to make it while watching every River Phoenix movie ever made and it's been pretty successful so far. 

Overall: my wanderlust is going crazy, I've been making infographics and swimming a lot, and the upcoming shuckster should be a fun one. Still trying in my lifelong quest to go to bed at a decent hour. Unsuccessful.

Alright, I'm going to go downstairs to make a root vegetable roast. Happy autumn.

Kevin Cyr

I wanna be a singer
but I don't want to leave my home
but I don't really have a home
so I might as well go roam
oh ho-ho

paul covers bruce

Max: I'm too nostalgic. I'll admit it.

Skippy: We graduated four months ago. What can you possibly be nostalgic for?

Max: I'm nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I've begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I'm reminiscing this right now. I can't go to the bar because I've already looked back on it in my memory... and I didn't have a good time.


Sierra and my bedroom is pretty cool. It's really white, sure, but it has a really high ceiling and a window that leads to the hallway.

We have been slowly working on utilizing this space, in particular, setting up one of the walls with lots of artwork. Here's our progress!

Featuring work by: Nikki McClure, Patrick Costello, Jesse Wells, Erika Jane, Jeremy Taylor, Allyson Mellberg-Taylor, Andy Jenkins, Sierra Bellows, Kristin Smith (not pictured), Rachel Singel

baby o'clock!

Hey! I got reviewed in The Hook this week! Seems like they agreed that it was a little difficult to see the work at that venue, but hey - who am I to say no to someone offering me a place to put up my art? Plus they're really nice over there and I dug the yellow walls! A lot of good things have come from it. Thanks for the kind words about my work, though, Laura!

In other news, my close friend jamesanderson is having a baby girl as we speak! Congrats to the soon-to-be mom and dad! You'll be chasin' the boys away from your house before you know it - !

Meet Stone Cold

This is the friend I made on my way to put up my work at the Virginia Discovery Museum at the beginning of November. He was so friendly that I just had to try to help him find his family. Eventually, we went to the SPCA, but I'm sure that he's back home by now. Isn't he adorable? Little stubby legs...