Great Gifts 2012

Getting ready for Great Gifts 2012 with some one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered portrait pillows! Say hello to Jackie, Elvis, Emily, and F. Scott!

Have an iconic face you'd like on a pillow? I am currently taking custom orders for Christmas and beyond (please allow 2 weeks for production):

Here are some completed ones I make for an exhibition last year at the Garage:

Splendora Summer

Hey ya'll - if you're in the mood for gelato and art, stop by Splendora's, where some of my work is displayed this summer!

Splendora's is located at 317 East Main Street, Charlottesville

Brendan and Sierra

Brendan and Sierra are getting married! Maybe you already knew that. After the cut, have a look at some pictures from our informal photo shoot to celebrate the occasion. Wandering around Brooklyn all day, visiting parks and the Brooklyn Art Museum, was a blast!:

internet at large

I've just recently started an etsy! Not sure what direction it will lead, but I'm excited. I see in the coming months a switchover towards a more dedicated freelance art existence so this will be a springboard maybe...

In trying to "figure out" the internet for these uses, I came across my artwork featured on an art blog - from last year! Guess I'm still catching up on this whole thing... but here it is, have a look:

New Dominion Opening

photo by Kendall Cox
Was really happy with my opening last Friday at the New Dominion Bookshop - thanks to all who stopped by!

"Jesse Wells' most recent series is an assemblage of tokens pointing to peripheral moments and the significance we attribute to incidental human actions over time. In applying a frontier mentality to everyday life, viewing the explored as unexplored, it appears that what hovers in the distance can either be a danger or a discovery. Maybe it is both."