August Wrap Up: Part I

For the month of August, I had known for quite some time that I was to be between cities. I would be starting my internship at the beginning of September, but Nalle St. would be no more at the onset of August. I had wanted to do some traveling in the meanwhile, so here is what ended up happening. I brought my camera, but I'm honestly just awful at using it, so you're going to have to use your imagination (and also enjoy the pictures of awesome works of art):

Phoenix, Arizona
: My best gal Natasha went and got married to this Michael fellow last spring, and they flittered off to Arizona so that he might go to Law School (she also got a bitchin' job there). I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to be their Dupree for a bit of time.

Diamondbacks: Did you know that Chase Field is one of several air-conditioned baseball stadiums? Not only was the game enjoyable, but the value menu meant that I could enjoy a bottle of water and a corndog for less than five dollars... !

Phoenix Art Museum: I enjoyed looking through this museum's contemporary art galleries. It had a good breadth of artists, I think, and I got to see some artists' works in real life, some of which I hadn't had the pleasure to yet in the past. Katz, Pearlstein, Longo, Doig, Kahlo, Rivera, Close, Kapoor and other notables sprinkled the place. Julian Opie has a public art piece on permanent display there, viewable from a room in the museum as well as outside, "Julian and Suzanne Walking". The highlight of the Museum would have to be Yayoi Kusama's installation piece, "Make your move: you who are getting obliterated in the dancing swarm of fireflies". Walking into a room that was pitch black, there are little lights suspended by strings/wires that appear to fill the room with little dots of light. With reflective surfaces on each of the walls, the effect is multiplied and extended.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum would have been a complete waste of time had it not been for the Nick Cave exhibition that was on display there. For whatever timing reasons, it was one of the only galleries open at the museum on the day that we went. BUT. Like wearable sculptures, Cave's pieces are transformative and fashionable. They are so elaborate and crafty, you gotta hand it to him. I mischievously took pictures until the guard (obviously) told me to stop. And no, this isn't an image I took:

The area that they lived in seemed really nice. It was a scorching 114 degrees, but what do you expect when you go to Arizona in August?? I'm sure it cools down at least a little bit. Plus, their resort-like swimming accommodations weren't too shabby. Natasha and Michael were wonderful hosts, and spending time with the both of them for such a concentrated amount of time further revealed how nicely they match together.