August Wrap Up: Part III

Next stop on the trip is Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is a really lovely area, and the bus drive down from Seattle went through some really beautiful areas. Getting into the city was a relief, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay at Kelsey's really quaint digs in SE.

I didn't do as much "sight-seeing" in Portland - I just kind of wandered around and absorbed it all. I went to clothing stores, Voodoo Donut, Powell's wonderful and huge bookstore, Reading Frenzy, Portland Art Museum- they even played Iron Man in one of the parks one night. I got to ride Kelsey's bicycle around and went by a nice arts space that Victoria had told me about, Artistry. The Farmer's Market on Saturday was amazing, and I loved walking around talking with my brother on the phone and stuffing my face with food.

It was really nice to finally see Portland after having heard such fantastical stories about it. It seemed as though everyone was just enamored with the place, I didn't see how it was possible. Actually going there was a great experience, because even though it was great and relaxing and fun, it was just a place. And that's cool.

I am reading Murakami's "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" and there's a part where he says, there will never be a place that has everything you need.