bloomfield hills

This past week, Lee and I trekked up to see Will in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Just to tell you a little bit about Michigan, it's shaped like a glove and its motto is: "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you."

I was lucky to see the onset of this year's autumn in this midwest suburb of Detroit. The leaves were beautiful, and we spent a lot of time driving around Will's neighborhood looking at them, as well as wonderful Halloween decorations on front stoops and porches while listening to Ryan Adams. Will's volume button got stuck, and so the volumes were loud and much louder. I'm sure that I annoyed him as I insisted on the same two songs over and over, but I loved it.

After Lee left, I stayed a few days longer to hang out with Will at his studio and campus at Cranbrook. One day while driving, we stumbled upon adverts for a Halloween Village run by the Henry Ford Museum, which we went to that very night.

It. Was. Awesome.

Kids in awesome costumes. A walk through a haunted village, lined with jack-o'-lanterns, and filled with visual attractions. There were, among other things:
  • a covered bridge with a dazzling, smokey green laser inside (a la Monster Squad wormhole and Pink Floyd, for visual reference)
  • a gazebo with black-lit skeletons dancing and playing bone xylophones
  • scarecrows, villagers, witches and valkyries
  • a haunted, strobe-lit carousel with ghostly tricks of the eye and spooky music

What a great time!