Visiting Cranbrook was really fantastic. It's a beautiful campus that reminded me of boarding schools (like Hogwarts??), with older buildings, statues, fountains, ivy and wooded paths about. I stayed with Will for 5 or so days, absorbing the facets of his life up in Michigan.

I got to sit in on both Photography and Printmedia discussions and seminars. Will led one discussion (quite articulately, I might add), which included some of his favorite photographers (including Anna Gaskell, which he showed me a while back and stuck in my brain). Here are some photos that I liked:

gaskell x2, collishaw, dicorcia, gaskell x2

I also linked up with my friend Kate Daughdrill, a second year printmaker, and chatted with her and Randy Bolton, the current artist-in-residence for that department. I really dug the vibe of the department, and so... who knows. We'll see how Michigan plays into my life.