yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon

earlier tonight i went into DC with Paul, Kate, Joey, and Justin, in the hopes of seeing Annie Lebowitz' exhibition at the Corcoran. It ended up being sold out, and it was raining. Most of the restaurants were closed. We had a nice time if only for the fact that we were together.

i went home and fell asleep pretty fast due to my illness, but i was awoken with quite a disturbing dream. some dreams you can see in front of you unfolding with elements of the past few days. i woke up near the climax of the dream, which was in uncharted territory, but had to go "back in" in order to see what was written on a piece of paper. i wonder if perhaps i shouldn't have done so, because it shook me up pretty badly.

when i try to think of how i feel on certain occasions, Radiohead's line "yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon" comes to mind quite often. it's pretty dark, i've come to think, so i usually don't put it on these campy "mood" updates on LJ or such. But i'm really feelin' that line tonight.

and as i have none of my music in sterling, and don't know how to upload it on the site even if i did, i'll just show you a video (they didn't release it as a single). watch for the clip of Richard Serra. (it's the hand part)

I envy you: so much rocking to do

Tonight in Charlottesville there was a Yo La Tengo show at the Satellite Ballroom. Sit-down show, of the intimate variety, taking requests and whatnot. This is coming from a well-seasoned band - they've been together dare I say for two decades... ! Anyway, because I have mono I must admit that after having bought the ticket, I was not able to participate in the FreeWheelin' Bonanza. Bollocks.

In other news, Juno picked my two favorite Belle and Sebastian songs (from two different albums, mind you) and played them one after another in the movie. I just melted in my chair, as if I had a secret that I could tell no one! The rest of the movie followed with music that I used to listen to more, so needless to say, the nostalgia-level was at mid-high. As for the adolescent pregnancy, I can't relate.