Studio Sale

Hello all! I am currently in the process of clearing some space in my studio, and have the following limited edition letterpress prints for sale. 80% of the proceeds will be donated equally to the Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter (LAWS) in Leesburg, VA, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Please have a look to see if there is anything you'd like for yourself or a loved one, and share with anyone who may be interested.

If you would like any of these prints, please visit my Etsy and enter DONATE16 in the notes when purchasing. I may also be available for hand delivery in certain regions of Virginia - just send me a message here to inquire. If ordering for Christmas, please order by December 19th.

I will be adding more soon, so please check back in - thanks!

Boxers 2014

Back in 2009, I made a series that included a "boxers" triptych, where the three famous boxing matches between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were summed up by their moments of clinching - which Google describes as "[to] grapple at close quarters, esp. (of boxers) so as to be too closely engaged for full-arm blows."

This, I feel, is the most interesting intersection in boxing, because it consists of opponents bringing each other into close proximity. By appearance, it looks like an affectionate gesture, like a hug; but it is a defensive move, a moment used to strategize and catch a breath. To get ready for the next uppercut!

In Ali's and Frazier's case, it was particularly interesting... because of how zealous their rivalry was! There was such a violence to their rivalry, an ingredient that juxtaposed the feminity of threadwork wonderfully, to me.

This winter, I had the chance to revisit the boxers, when my friend Calvin asked me if I would make one for our friend (and his wife), Maureen. How wonderful!

Although I feel as though I'd tied up the Ali/Frazier fights nicely (ha, that's a little thread work joke for you), I enjoyed the opportunity to think about the well-known match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. You know, the one where Tyson bit Holyfield's ear?

Anyway, here is my handiwork!

To Conjure: Meditations on the West

Taken by Maggie Stein

What a year! After starting at a graphic design firm, I've begun dividing my time between art-making at home and honing some new graphic skills at work.

I was lucky enough to have an exhibition planned for December of this past year, though, and even before I started working on it, I had a lot of ideas.

Here is statement of the work: This collection of works on paper, shadowboxes and mutoscopes focuses on two individuals separated by distance and unknown landscapes; drawing upon interpersonal dynamics, present-day depictions of the past and the American Old West, it seeks to fill the physical and conceptual void created by longing.

The show opened on December 6 at The WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery, curated by the New City Arts Initiative.

Here are some images from the show. Click to get a closer look!:

Taken by Maggie Stein
Taken by Maggie Stein

Astronaut Family

Family portraits are always so fun, especially when the family is as creative as the Waldruff family! I was recently commissioned by them to illustrated their family as astronauts - have a look!

Wedding Certificate

Recently got the opportunity to help with a wedding certificate - way more personal than your garden variety government form!:

Lara Jane illustration

Family illustrations are such fun! I finished up this illustration last week of Lara, her husband and two kids - not to mention their cat - on a camping trip! Tents, campfires and s'mores have certainly got me itching for summer already...

Christmastime is here

This year I decided I wanted to make snow globes for Christmas. I wasn't sure how to go about it, so I checked the usual places (youtube, blogs, pinterest) and it turned out that it wasn't too difficult to accomplish - !

All you need is a jar, glitter, glycerin (I got mine at Harris Teeter), water, and epoxy glue. Then, for the inside scenery, you can put whatever you like. The result is similar to what I made these last few days!

Because they're homemade, a lot of the charm comes from the imperfections. For instance, the tree on my polar bear snow globe started to lean, so we figured out that it kind of looked like the polar bear was on a friendly rampage! To continue the apocalyptic theme, some of the trees started shedding and it looked like there was volcanic ash floating about (a tip: soak all of your snow globe objects for a night before putting them in the snow globe to assure crisp clear water)! Anyway, it's fun to experiment! Happy holidays!

Haven Art Auction 2012

I recently made a drawing for the Haven's annual art auction - please consider attending this wonderful event and buying some great art for a greater cause! Here is a write-up from the lovely Maureen Lovett.


This past November, I had the pleasure of helping friend/co-worker Chad Wollerton create a mold for his Montijello (version 2.0). With the help of that clay mold, a polystyrene sheet, and a home-made vacuum former (made by Chad), we were able to whip up multiple molded sheets with which we could make ... MontiJELLOs! So cool (and yummy)!